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Four ways to boost your digital creativity 

With the fast increase in the power and adoption of digital devices, the world has taken a fast shift from being just a physical world to a digital world. This means a huge shift from what we know creativity to be, digital creativity is the new creativity.

In the face of high demand for market disrupting digital creative work, creativity-block has become a new phenomenon; this is where you are totally blank on creative ideas. This is counter-productive and does not cure with only time.
Below are 4 ways you can break through creativity-block and keep the creative beast alive.
Take Risks:

Thinking “Here goes nothing” could be the start of everything – Drew Wagner.

As creatives, most of our blocks come not from the absence of ideas but from the fear we have concerning the ideas we already have. Just do that thing that you want to do, take risks, make mistakes and learn from them, embark on a crazy project, this will keep the creative juice flowing.
Conversing with Like Minds:

The world is too big for you to work and do everything in isolation. We learn and work faster when we meet with people of like minds. Go out and have a drink with someone, interact; a word from a friend can be all you need to create a creative spark that will burn continuously. 


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