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Why your record label need a social media strategist and manager

Gone are those days when an artist would make music but can’t push it because of funds, social media has made it so easy and effective for you to showcase your talent to the world… The like of Justin Bieber and many more came into limelight with the help of social media….

The facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube has their different useful and if properly used, one would get the desired result without breaking the bank..

Now less go back to the main topic, I why record label should have an experienced social media strategist and influencer: when I say Influencer, I mean someone who can spark up a topic on the social space and get the people talking and react, someone who can introduce something new to the people and they will listen..
Why do you need this? Afterall you can pay a blogger to post the song and the visitors will comment – very true..

Let me bring it down, your song is on a music blog, and people download then comment, but how many people do visit that blog? 200? 500? 1000? I don’t know!! But I do know that with social media, Twitter: Every Retweet gives your song another 20% exposure

Importants of social media publicity for artist:

1. Promotion can get to the highest level: with proper strategy and planning, when a social media strategist is working on your publicity it could get to the highest length, because these strategist has lot of followers and lots of big names, celebrities , promoter, show organisers, OAPs, And other big goons in the industry which can really help an upcoming artist..

2. Social media strategist has lot of event planners on their list and followership, working with one can help fasten things up for an upcoming artist..

3. Working with a social media manager to organize your brand online, make it neat, tweets the right content, make interesting and interactive discussion is an easy way to exposure.

4. Check round, old artists that are still relevant today are the once that made good use of social media, many of them has social media strategist working for them.

5. A social media strategist will keep you and your songs close to the hearts of music lovers online, many artist struggle because people only hear from them, when they release new song, but it’s wrong, get a social media strategist to keep pushing every of your actions, from press conference, new photos, sharing pictures from shows/events you performed, triggering interactive and interesting topics about you everyday, everytime, will keep you in the hearts of your fans, and will keep refreshing it..

Social media is an easy way to reach the world – @Osascruz

The reasons and importants are endless..
So if you are looking for the right social media strategist and influencer to handle the publicity of your artists or record label

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