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Update:- WhatsApp Business is Now Available in all Countries For Download

Before now, WhatsApp business was only made available to Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, UK and US but now, it is available in all countries.

If you are a business owner or you offer services to the public and get rewards in monetary profits, then you should have a WhatsApp Business Account installed on your device.

Whether you sell data or you re operating a Beauty Salon, you should have a WhatsApp Business Account.

The app provides some of the basic functionality you’d want from a business app. You can create a Business profile with additional information like a description, address, and contact information, and enable quick replies for answers to common questions.

You can create greeting messages and view some simple analytics so you can see which messages are most effective.

Note:- You cannot use the same number you used on your regular WhatsApp to register for Business app, as it will require you to use another number.

Head to Google Playstore or iOS store for download.


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