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Revealed: ​Why TECNO Mobile Skipped Phantom 7 to launch Phantom 8

Tecno users expected a ‘Phantom 7’ as it is the next numerical step after the Tecno Phantom 6, but this is not the case. Tecno launched the Phantom 8 instead. 
Here is why TECNO Mobile is skipping Phantom 7 to launch Phantom 8.Putting into consideration the interesting features packed in to the Phantom 6 and 6 Plus last year.

Dual rear cameras; 10x super digital zoom and auto refocus – professional camera features that allows you to transform beautiful moments, near and far, to award-winning professional images with just one click

A 6GB RAM – this is definitely the “plus” version comparing to Phantom 6 Plus’s 4GB RAM

Latest MTK Processor – the latest MediaTek Helio Processor offers 2.6 GHz CPU ultra-fast experiences which supports 4G+ and download speeds of up to 300Mbps.

Good battery with great power optimization.

Obviously, Phantom 8 offered “2-level-upgrades” at one time from Phantom 6 and 6+, and with outstanding camera features. Tecno is becoming more and more camera-centric with each release of its smartphones, and the Phantom is the flagship portfolio that goes beyond your expectations. 


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