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Old Coded Tunes Crew “Olamide, 9ice,ID Canada” reached out to Lord of Ajasa

I told you it won’t be hard at all. Ajasa was a very close pal to them. So ID Cabasa has decided to clear the air saying, lord of Ajasa who is down with Peptic Ulcer has not been abandoned and Olamide, 9ice, himself and 2phat have all reached out to the indigenous rapper. Below is the SOS Cabassa sent out…

‘My attention has been drawn to a rather alarming post about Lord of Ajasa’s health. I believe it is necessary to quickly address this before the public is misinformed. Lord of Ajasa was diagnosed with Pelptic Ulcer and he is currently at the Hospital and being attended to. @baddosneh @9iceofficial @babanla2phat and myself have been in touch with the wife and Ajasa. Let everyone be clear that Ajasa has not been neglected as been widely suggested by certain people.
I speak for everyone concerned when I say that We are not aware of the online post making the rounds which is not necessary. To set d record straight Ajasa is not a wasteful Artiste or careless as being suggested by a lot of people. I pray we don’t get ill or sick… He is responding to treatment and hopefully might not need surgery. Please let’s pray for Ajasa’

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