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Need a Reason to buy the latest Phone in Africa At Moment, I’ll give you one

In a world filled with dozens of smartphones, it can be hard to find the exact device that is right for you and everything you need. Though, there is a choice of using the basic phones that just make simple calls to smart phones that allow you to do everything from texting to surfing the internet, most users still need the perfect reason before purchasing the perfect device. 
Africa’s leading phone maker, TECNO Mobile in her innovative and technological advancement recently launched the TECNO SPARK that certainly has everything one could ever need and so much more. So, if you are still sitting on the fence wondering why the new flagship from TECNO Mobile is a perfect tool for you, below are three reasons why you need to get your hands on the TECNO SPARK.

1. Unarguably the best budget-friendly smartphone of 2017

When it comes to smartphones, some people just don’t find it sensible to spend large amounts of money on a device that would fade-out in few years. Yet, these same people still want a smartphone with DSLR camera features and first- class applications running on fast processors – well, for as low as 32,000 naira; the new TECNO SPARK fits all of these criteria and offers so much more. That’s too cheap you would say? Well, you can say that again.

2. Every shot taken is picture perfect

The TECNO SPARK is built with a 13MP rear camera alongside a 5MP selfie camera that improves photo quality dramatically. The device comes with a mix flash technology that allows the front flash pair amazingly with the screen light to produce clear and bright selfies even under extreme lowlight conditions. OMG!!! You need to see pictures captured – they are bright, clear, shiny and very beautiful. Perhaps, who doesn’t like selfies?
Shot with Spark 5MP front camera

Shot with Spark 5MP front camera

Beautiful in and out

The mobile market is filled with dozens of sleek eye-popping designs and the TECNO SPARK cannot go unnoticed. The device is slim, attractive and very well-designed with an improved 5.5HD screen alongside a glossy looking body that really feels nice to hold. Internally, the device is powered by an android Nougat 7.0 and quad-core processors which are hosted on a 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM hence speed and easy multitasking is guaranteed. 

The battery department doesn’t disappoint too as its 7.7mm ultra-slim body still houses a 3000mAh non-removable battery with the fast charge technology  delivering up to 2-hours usage on a 10% charge.

So guys, I hope with these reasons, I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that the TECNO SPARK is the best budget device to own in 2017.

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