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My experience with Tecno Phantom8 Super 10x Zoom feature

Since the Launch of the monster device Tecno Phantom 8 back in October I’ve always admired it, so I got my in November and I’ve been rocking it, but today I want to share one of my favorite features of the phone and that is the

SUPER ZOOM 10X capacity of The CAMERA.

this feature is so cool, normally if you are talking a photo and you wish to zoom more into the object you will be very careful so that the quality of the photo will still be there, and most times after zooming the quality of the photo will be lost, but with Phantom8 revise is the case, no matter how you zoom into an object you are snapping the quality remains the same, now I can be at the beginning of my street and take a photo of the last building in the street, awesome right, below are some of the photos I took.

These photos below were taking stand at the same spot, i zoomed in using the 10x Super Zoom feature on the second photo

I did same thing we these photos too

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