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Ladies:Learn how to deal with a stingy man.

Quite a large number of women are tied up in ungenerous relationships with stingy husbands or boyfriends. The feeling worsens when the man is keen on only himself and is spoiling himself without caring for you.

1. Know that it will take time

The first step towards dealing with a stingy man is to admit that it might take time to push the character off. It comes from within, its a habit and a very hard situation to come out of. Therefore, if you have decided to stick around and turn the situation over, you must know that it will take time.

2. Tell him directly

Discuss it with him. Tell him that you do not like his habit of being financially hard as at times it comes naturally. Actually, tell him that he is stingy and you do not like it. Do not be shy to say it just to be nice, if its what is threatening your relationship then it has to be solved.

3. Get him a present

The next step is to lead by example by personally getting him a present. This will throw him back to the drawing board and indirectly compel him to repay the kindness. It will make him feel guilty and force him into spending on you in return. And when he feels the taste of seeing a happy you as a result of his generosity, then chances are high that he might make it a habit spoiling you.

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