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If You’re Offered 5 Million Naira Never To Listen To Davido, Kizz Daniel Wizkid & Burna Boy’s Songs Again, Will You Accept?

Alot of music lovers in Nigeria can’t go a day without listening to the songs for their favorite singers, the likes of Davido, Wiskid, 2Baba, Burna Boy, Kizz Daniel on their mobile devices.

On social media you here people saying, they won’t feel okay, if they’ve not listened to songs from their favourites.

In a bid to test the loyalty of these in a way to test the loyalty of music fans, we have decided to present a question that would prove or prove not their endurance & strength.

The Question is “If you are offered 5 million naira never to listen to Davido, Wizkid & Burna Boy’s songs again, will you accept it?

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