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Check out How you can Use Face ID on TECNO Smartphones

Many TECNO Phones now support Face ID e.g. Spark 2, Pouvoir 2 and 2 Pro, Camon X and X Pro so in this tutorial I will be using the Camon X as a guide to show you how to set up and use face ID to lock your phone and applications.

Face ID or face unlock is a facial identification technology that makes it easier to unlock your device and other apps with your face.

For Face ID to work on your phone, it must have been integrated out of the box.

You can also get Face ID feature on your phone through OTA updates.

How to activate and Set up Face ID on Camon X

Activating and setting up Face ID on Camon X is very easy and hassles free.

Just follow the instructions below to get started.

• Head over to your phone setting, click on security, then on Face ID.

• You’ll be prompted to use a Pattern, Pin or Password to gain access to the feature.

• This is mandatory if you haven’t chosen one before.

• Ensure you know the Pattern, Pin or Password if you ever want to deactivate the feature.

• Go ahead to create a lock pattern, PIN or password.

• Once you are done with creating a lock code, click on Enrol Face ID.

• Keep your device at a distance between 20cm to 50cm from your face. Make sure your face is fully visible in the circle shown above.

• Toggle on all necessary features

Unlock Screen: When you turn this ON, you can use Face ID to unlock your home screen.

Access App Unlock: Turn this ON to easily unlock specific apps with Face ID (Will show you how to unlock each of the apps below).

Face Fill Light: Turning this ON will all enough light either from the screen or front LED flash to show on your face for easy unlock in a low light environment.How to Lock Apps with Face ID.Locking private apps is one of the reasons the Face ID technology came into existence.You can now lock all the apps you don’t want friends and family have access to. See tips belowOpen the Phone Master app on your phone.

Click on the “Toolbox” icon below

Click on “App Lock”.

You will to create a lock pattern for this and set up security questions as well

You will now see all the apps on your phone and you can lock the ones you want from here.

Once you lock an app, you can either use Face ID to unlock at a glance or the Pattern, Pin or Password you chose.

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