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Bill stood on stage next to a jar of human excrement as he unveiled a new toilet which turns faeces into fertiliser.

The billionaire and former Microsoft CEO left the prop on stage for around 10 minutes as he opened the “reinvented toilet” expo in China.

He placed the faeces filled container on a pedestal next to him, as he discussed the need for new ways to safely dispose human waste.

“You might guess what’s in this beaker — and you’d be right. Human faeces,” he said.

“This small amount of faeces could contain as many as 200 trillion rotavirus cells, 20 billion Shigella bacteria, and 100,000 parasitic worm eggs.”

Companies are exhibiting the new style toilets in Beijing

After this he went on to discuss how pathogens such as those kill nearly 500,000 children under the age of five each year.

The three day event will see more than 20 companies present new toilets in Beijing.

These include self-contained toilets and a self-powered waste treatment plant.

Mr Gates himself unveiled a system that does not need water or sewers and uses chemicals to turn human waste into fertiliser.

“The technologies you’ll see here are the most significant advances in sanitation in nearly 200 years,” he said.

Mr Gates and his wife, Melinda, have invested millions in researching the field in recent years, the BBC reported.

“I have to say, a decade ago I never imagined that I’d know so much about poop,” he said.

“And I definitely never thought that Melinda would have to tell me to stop talking about toilets and faecal sludge at the dinner table.”

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